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Chop X Beats is a musical and culinary experience that aims to create a feel good party atmosphere with an African twist.

A fun way to connect with, share and explore a part of African culture through authentic West African cuisine, traditional games, and music from across the African diaspora.


A West African Culinary and Musical Experience

Why Chop X Beats

Taste of West Africa

Home-cooked food made with love; jollof rice, plantain, yam, chicken plus much more to tantalise your taste buds.

Feel the Vibes

After we chill up, we turn up! Expect nothing but pure vibes with a dedicated Afrobeats set.

Connect through culture

Create fun memories with friends playing traditional games such as ‘Oware’ in Ghana, ‘Awake’ in Ivory Coast, ‘Wari’ in Mali and ‘Ayo’ in Nigeria plus much more.

Next Experience

Bank Holiday Sunday 6th May 2018

Are you ready for London’s liveliest AfroParty?

Come and enjoy authentic West African cuisine and 100% hall party vibes from 5 pm till 1 am.


It’s not a party without Jollof rice!

Come Chop

Fill your stomach with full of flavour West African cuisine. Our Jollof rice is a crowd favourite and we cater to vegans too!


AfroVibes from day to night


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